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Three Charged With Insurance Fraud in Naples, Florida

Johnson Safaite, 24; Li Franc Safaite, 55; and Ronald Samedifede, 41, each face two counts of making a false insurance claim as a result of an alleged January motor vehicle accident in which a vehicle swerved to avoid Li Franc Safaite’s vehicle and eventually struck a utility pole.  When authorities arrived, Li Franc and his three passengers reported that they were rear ended in the alleged accident.

All four occupants then sought treatment at a clinic and billed Geico more than $11,000.00.  The claims were denied and the four involved in the false claims were referred to Florida’s Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF).

The full article is available here.

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Challenges Expected Over New PIP Statute’s $2,500.00 vs $10,000.00 “Emergency Medical Condition” Limitation

According to the Sunshine State News, The Florida Justice Association, a group that represents trial lawyers, stated it expects PIP lawsuits challenging the new PIP law will begin after January, 2013 when the statute, and it’s limitations based on “emergency medical condition,” takes effect.   On the other side of the conversation, business leaders hope that the fraud-fighting tools present in the new law will permit Florida auto insurers to contain fraudulent claims before they lead to lawsuits.

Jose L. Gonzalez, vice president for governmental affairs for Associated Industries of Florida stated:

At the same time, they are not naïve that plaintiffs won’t attack the new law and the emergency medical condition aspects . . . We are optimistic that some of the provisions in HB 119 will reduce the volume of litigation seen by Florida courts.  The original concept of no-fault contemplated less litigation in exchange for expedient receipt of benefits.

Additionally, The Florida Chamber of Commerce is confident that the reform effort will reduce premiums for individual motorists. But the concern remains that scammers will find new avenues.

According to the Sunshine State News:

the Chamber is already seeing signs that plaintiff trial lawyers won’t be slowed by the law and that legislators may need to tackle “excessive and unreasonable one-way attorney fees” in the 2013 session.

“Theoretically, the bill should reduce litigation,” stated David Hart, executive vice president of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. “However, history indicates that some plaintiff trial lawyers will stop at nothing and that includes a fight in the courts.”

The full article is available here.

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